Thursday, March 26, 2015

NHS eJournal Errors

We are currently experiencing a few errors with some of our NHS-subscribed ejournals.
  • Journals from the Royal College of PsychiatristsBJPsych Advances and British Journal of Psychiatry. These titles should be available to users registered with a North Staffs Combined Healthcare Athens username. They are currently not appearing on our A-Z journals list but you should be able to access full-text directly on the RCofPsych website.
  • British Journal of General Practice – we are experiencing problems with our access.
  • Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research – we have current year online access to this title via Springer. There is currently a problem with our access. This is available in print at the Health Library.
  • Clinical Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical Journal – there is currently a problem with our subscription to these titles. These titles are accessible using a UHNS-based email account. Any users experiencing a problem should get in touch with the eresources librarian.
  • The Laryngoscope and Pediatric Pulmonology – these titles are provided by Wiley and there is a problem with our access.
We have logged these issues with our suppliers as requiring urgent attention. We hope that they are resolved as quickly as possible.

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