Monday, March 02, 2015

Adding Health Library eTutorials to the KLE

The Health Library etutorials aim to help students to get to grips with all our resources and develop their information skills, so learning to find good quality information efficiently.

We have 2 etutorial packages:

  • Getting Started - to help students to find and use our most popular resources such as books, ebooks, journals, ejournals and databases.
  • Information Skills - to help students to develop their information skills and learn the techniques to find information effectively.
The etutorials are short, bite-sized online tutorials; they include presentations, photo-tours, step-by-step video demonstrations, audio and interactive quizzes.

Adding an eTutorial to a KLE Module
Academic staff might want to consider where students might need more support in their studies to help them to find the right information they need.

eTutorials can be added to relevant sections of the KLE by adding the weblink or URL of either the individual etutorial or etutorial section.

You can find a list of available URLs to use on our new web page for academic staff.

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