Thursday, June 29, 2017

Online Library Resources for UHNM Staff

Here is a reminder of all the different resources that are available to our UHNM members of staff:

NHS eJournals – check whether you have access to the journal you need via the A-Z list of journal titles. These titles are subscribed via the NHS and the Health Library.

HDAS (Healthcare Databases Advanced Search) – single search interface allowing you to search many different databases including AMED, BNI, Cinahl, Embase, Health Business Elite, HMIC, Medline and Psychinfo.

BMJ Case Reports – access the full-text and submit your own case report.

BNF & BNFc – available online and as an app as well as in print at the Health Library.

Clinical Key – specialist clinical search engine helping you to find answers quickly; searches full-text journals, ebooks, topic pages and medline

Dynamed – point of care, evidence-based reference tool providing easy access to recommendations and procedures for a wide range of conditions and diseases. Also available as an app.

HSJ & HSJ Solutions – news across the healthcare sector and access to case studies and award-winning solutions to healthcare issues.

Medical Masterclass – revision package to support CPD.

Medicines Complete – ebook package including main leading drug references.

NICE Evidence Search – easy to use search engine, focusing on good quality healthcare resources.

Royal Marsden Manual Online – for nursing guidelines and procedures.

TRIP Database – search tool helping you to find good quality, evidence-based information. The Pro version is available via the NHS network.

e-Learning for Healthcare – elearning hub from the HEE providing a wide range of online learning opportunities, aimed at NHS staff.

All these resources are available from our Healthcare Resources web page. You will need an NHS Athens username to access most of them. See the help link, for each resource, for more details regarding how to access and use these resources.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Get the right skills for effective information searching – book on one of our training courses

Want to find information quickly? Need to brush up on your literature searching skills?

Health Library training courses are presented by qualified librarians, usually to small groups and offer you plenty of time for hands-on practice.

Our courses include opportunities to:

  • Get help finding the right information via the Internet
  • Learn how to conduct a literature search and use our databases to get information quickly
  • Find high-level good quality systematic reviews and evidence summaries using the Cochrane Library and similar resources
  • Start to develop your critical appraisal skills
  • Get to grips with Refworks

Book yourself on a session by getting in touch with our Training Team or book online.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

UHNM staff can access HSJ & HSJ Solutions

HSJ (Health Service Journal) and the HSJ Solutions database are now both available to UHNM members of staff.

You can find full-text articles for:

  • News and insight across the healthcare sector
  • Specialist topic news
  • Case Studies
  • Award-winning projects
  • Evidence-based practice

Sign-up to a range of newsletters to receive the news you are interested in, as frequently as you prefer.

To Access:

Please note that this resource is NOT available via your NHS Athens username. You will need to register for an individual username / password specific to HSJ. You are advised to use the Chrome internet browser when using HSJ.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Do you have new staff starting in the NHS?

Are new NHS staff starting in your department this Summer? Why not arrange a library induction for them?

Our trainers can deliver short 10 minute introductions to services and resources available at the library. Sessions can be delivered at your workplace or at the library. Content can include:

  • An introduction to the Health Library; its facilities, services and resources
  • How to find good quality information resources
  • Using NHS Athens and accessing online resources
  • An overview of the journals and databases most helpful to your department
Just let us know what you need.

To arrange an induction session contact our Training Team.

Monday, June 19, 2017

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week 19th-25th June 2017

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week is an important week in the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society’s (NRAS) calendar. As the name suggests, its aim is to raise awareness and challenge misconceptions and attitudes people may have around Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness. By dedicating a week to raising awareness the NRAS aim to broaden perceptions, knowledge and understanding of this disease.
Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week 2017 will focus on ‘Invisible Illness’ and what goes on ‘Behind the Smile’. “People who break their arm or experience an injury are obviously in bad shape but we can see their injury and understand their limitations. But for the millions of people who are living with an invisible illness such as rheumatoid arthritis, explaining what's wrong is another side effect of the condition. Not only do they have to put up with challenging, often painful, and sometimes debilitating conditions every day, but on top of that, they may have to face scepticism from people - friends, family, and co-workers, as well as strangers who don't understand what's wrong.”
For more information about Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week, please visit the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society website: .

For anyone studying the Rheumatoid Arthritis and its effects and associated issues, the Health Library offers numerous resources related to the subject. In the lists below you’ll find our most popular items, information on materials recently added to our collection and available periodicals. To locate these items, simply go to our online catalogue or ask at the counter.
·     Rheumatoid arthritis / by John D. Isaacs Larry W Moreland, 2011, 2nd edition, Abingdon: Health Press. Available in print and as an e-book.
·     Rheumatoid arthritis in practice / by Peter C. Taylor, 2006, London: RSM Press.
·     Essential orthopaedics and trauma / by David J. Dandy Dennis J Edwards, 2009, 5th edition, Edinburgh : Churchill Livingstone
·     Oxford textbook of rheumatology / by Richard Watts et al., 2013, 4th edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press
·     International journal of advances in rheumatology, London : Remedica Pub. [Available as a Keele ejournal 2009 onwards].
·     The open rheumatology journal, Hilversum : Bentham Science Publishers. [Available as a Keele & NHS ejournal 2007 onwards].
·     British journal of rheumatology, Oxford, UK : Oxford University Press. [Available in print 1994 – 1998,  & as a Keele ejournal 1996 – 1998, & NHS e-journal 1994 - 1998].
·     Open access rheumatology : research and reviews, Auckland, NZ : Dove Medical Press. [Available as a Keele & NHS ejournal 2009 onwards].
·     Case Reports in Rheumatology, New York, NY : Hindawi Publishing Corporation. [Available as a Keele & NHS ejournal 2011 onwards].
·     Arthritis & Rheumatism, Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Co. : Arthritis Foundation : American College of Rheumatology. [Available as a Keele ejournal 1958 onwards, & NHS e-journal 1994 onwards with 1 year embargo].
·     Arthritis, New York, NY : Hindawi Pub. Corp. [Available as a Keele & NHS ejournal 2010 onwards].
·     Arthritis Care and Research, Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons. [Available as a Keele ejournal 1999 onwards, & NHS e-journal 1999 onwards with 1 year embargo].
Access more journals via our Journals webpage:
·     Gallacher, Rose. ‘Rheumatoid arthritis’, Nursing standard, 2015. Vol.30(13), pp.61-2 [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
·     Watad, Abdulla and Bragazzi, Nicola L. et al. ’Anxiety disorder among rheumatoid arthritis patients: Insights from real-life data’ Journal of Affective Disorders, 2017.  Vol.213, pp.30-34 [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
·     Bosworth, Ailsa and Steuer, Alan. ‘Rheumatoid arthritis’, British Medical Journal, 2011. Vol.342(7788), p.104 [Available in print, and via Keele & NHS ejournals]
·     Smolen, Josef S and Aletaha, Daniel et al. ‘Rheumatoid arthritis’, The Lancet, 2016. Vol.388(10055), pp.2023-2038 [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
·     Meyfroidt, Sabrina and Van Der Elst, Kristien et al. ‘Patient experiences with intensive combination-treatment strategies with glucocorticoids for early rheumatoid arthritis’, Patient Education and Counseling, 2015. Vol.98(3), pp.384-390 [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
·     Mattey, Derek et al. ‘Smoking and disease severity in rheumatoid arthritis; association with polymorphism at the glutathione S-transferase M1 locus’, Arthritis & Rheumatology, 2002, Vol. 46(3), pp.640–646 [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
·     Kristiansen TM, Primdahl J, Antoft R, Hørslev-Petersen K., ‘Everyday life with rheumatoid arthritis and implications for patient education and clinical practice: a focus group study.’ Musculoskeletal Care, 2012, Vol. 10(1), pp.29-38. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
Rheumatoid Arthritis – NHS Evidence search with ‘Information for the Public’ filter[{%22ety%22:[%22Information%20for%20the%20Public%22]}]&q=rheumatoid+arthritis

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Find Medicine References from Medicines Complete

Get medicine reference ebooks via Medicines Complete. All our users – Keele students and NHS staff- can access Medicines Complete.

Keele users – log in via shibboleth using your Keele computer login details
NHS staff – log in via openathens, using your NHS Athens username / password

All users will be able to access the BNF and BNFc. We have purchased extra resources for Keele users as well as NHS staff at UHNM and North Staffs Combined Healthcare such as:

  • AHFS Drug Information
  • Handbook on Injectable Drugs
  • Kucer’s the Use of Antibiotics
  • Stockley’s Drug Interactions
  • And more…
The books available to you will depend on the subscription of your organisation.

You can search within each book or search across titles for drug information.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Men's Health Week 12th-18th June 2017

This year Men's Health Week is be focusing on belly fat. Why? Because it's the type of fat that's bad for your health and men are more likely to have it.
It's a problem because belly fat lurks not just beneath the surface but also gets down deep and surrounds your vital organs. Regardless of your overall weight, a large amount of belly fat increases your risk of:
      Cardiovascular disease
      Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
      Colorectal cancer
      Sleep apnea
      Premature death from any cause
      High blood pressure
For more about Men’s Health Week, please visit the Men’s Health Forum website:

For anyone interested in men’s health, the Health Library offers numerous resources related to the subject. In the lists below you’ll find our most popular items, information on materials recently added to our collection and available periodicals. To locate these items, simply go to our online catalogue or ask at the counter.

      Men’s health / by R. S Kirby (Roger S.), 2009, 3rd edition, New York, NY : Informa Healthcare. [E-book]
      Men's health - how to do it / by David Conrad; Alan White, 2007,  Abingdon : Radcliffe Publishing.
      Promoting men's mental health / by David Conrad; Alan White, 2010, Abingdon : Radcliffe Publishing. [E-book]
      The psychology of men's health / by Christina Lee R. Glynn Owens, 2002, Buckingham: Open University Press. Understanding men and health: masculinities, identity and well-being / by Steve. Robertson, 2007, Maidenhead : Open University Press.

      Men's health and illness; gender, power, and the body / by Donald F Sabo; David Frederick Gordon; Men's Studies Association (U.S.), 1995 Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications.

      Male bodies : health, culture, and identity / by Jonathan Watson, 2000, Buckingham Open University Press.

      Understanding men and health: masculinities, identity and well-being / by Steve Robertson, 2007, Maidenhead : Open University Press.

      American Journal of Men’s Health, Thousand Oaks, California : Sage Publications, Inc. [Available in print 2007 – 2013. & as a Keele ejournal 2007 onwards, & NHS e-journal 2007 - 2013].
      International Journal of Men’s Health, Harriman, Tennessee: Men's Studies Press [Available as a Keele ejournal 2004 onwards, & NHS e-journal 2006 onwards].
      Harvard Men’s Health Watch, Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Medical School Health Publications [Available as a ejournal 2002 onwards].

      Trends in Urology and Men’s Health, Wiley [Available as a Keele ejournal 2010 onwards].

      Journal of Men’s Health, Elsevier : Ireland [Available as a NHS ejournal 2008 - 2012].

      Blancher, Kevin D.  ‘Moustaches promote men's health’ , BJU International, 2011. Vol.108(10), pp.ii-vii. [Available in print, and via Keele & NHS ejournals]
      Elder, Keith and Griffith, Derek M. ‘Men's Health: Beyond Masculinity’, American journal of public health, 2016. Vol.106 (7), pp.1157. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
     Evans, Roger, ‘Men's health and Movember’, Nursing Standard, 2013.  Vol.28(9), p.30. [Available in print, and via Keele & NHS ejournals]
      De Visser, Richard O. ; Mcdonnell, Elizabeth J. Kazak, Anne E. et al (eds.) ‘“Man Points”: Masculine Capital and Young Men's Health’, Health Psychology, 2013. Vol.32(1), pp.5-14 . [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
       Schulz, Im and Schwarz, F. ‘Explaining men's health: a review of concepts and evidence’,  Psychology & Health, 2012, Vol.27 (Suppl 1), pp.114-114. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]
      Pietila, I., Ojala; H., Helminen, S., Tammela, T., ‘Who Has the Guts to Make This Choice?: Ideals of Masculinity in Men's Justifications for Their Treatment Decisions for Localised Prostate Cancer’, International Journal of Men's Health, 2016, Vol. 15 (3), p267-282. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals]

Current Awareness

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Saturday maintenance work 10th June 2017 (Keele University)

We have been made aware of the following Keele IT maintenance that may affect computer access:

"Saturday is a data centre maintenance day.

During the day one of our data centre will have its electrical systems inspected and we will be testing our disaster recovery procedures.

The KLE and SCIMS are expected to continue working but you may experience occasional slow responses as your web browser is redirected to the resilient services.

Student and staff access to PCs, S: and network drives may be affected as half of the filestore systems will be unavailable during the testing."