Wednesday, July 31, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 31. Oxford Handbooks Online

The Oxford Handbooks are very popular titles. Here at the Health Library we provide you with online access to some titles so that you don’t have to wait to access the full-text.

Titles available include: Oxford handbook...
  • for the Foundation Programme
  • of Clinical Diagnosis
  • of Clinical Examinations and Practical Skills
  • of Clinical Haematology
  • of Clinical Specialities
  • of Clinical Surgery
  • of Critical Care
  • of Dialysis
  • of Endocrinology & Diabetes
  • of General Practice
  • of Geriatric Medicine
  • of Neurology
  • of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • of Paediatrics
  • of Psychiatry
  • of Respiratory Medicine
  • of Urology
eBooks are accessible via the Internet, are available 24/7 and don’t incur any fines.
You can find out how to use our ebooks via our Using eBooks etutorial.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Electives (Midwifery) - no change in library loan rules.

If you are embarking on an elective in the next few weeks, to ensure you do not incur any fines it is advisable to return your books to the library before starting your placement.
Students are welcome to continue to borrow items, but please be aware that normal requirements to renew items, and the possibility that items will be recalled or fines incurred for late return/renewal, will still apply.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 30. NHS Information Centre

The Health & Social Care Information Centre maintains a number of resources based on data and technology. You can find statistics and reports relating to a range of specific conditions and services. Popular topics include community care, hospital care, patient experience and prescribing. You can also search for particular data.

Monday, July 22, 2013

IT maintenance Saturday August 3rd

Keele University IT will be conducting maintenance on Saturday August 3rd. This will affect many of the core IT services and some temporary disruption will occur. Services affected all or in part include:
  •  SCIMS
  •  KLE
  •  Hallsnet
  •  Library PC facilities
  •  User filestore
  •  Any University based web service, including the University web site
  •  Printing

Services which should not be affected
  •  Gmail and GoogleApps
  •  Internet access

The disruption should be confined to the period between 09:00 and 16:00 on that day. Apologies for the disruption and any inconvenience caused.

If you have any queries please contact the IT Service Desk (

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 29. British Medical Association (BMA)

The BMA is a membership organisation that represents doctors and acts as a trade union and professional body. It also includes help and support for career development and works with other organisations to ensure that members concerns are raised regarding relevant health-related issues. You can keep up-to-date via a range of news feeds, including blogs and more in-depth analysis.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The 6Cs - further reading

The 6Cs are the core values and behaviours that NHS staff are expected to follow, and support the new vision and strategy for nursing, midwifery and care. See NHS England for more info and video.

The 6Cs are:  

:: care :: compassion :: competence :: 
:: communication :: courage :: commitment ::

If you want to do some background reading on these concepts you can try the books in this short reading list:

You can find more items on our catalogue.

Updated and Improved eTutorials

We have updated and improved our etutorials. Improvements include:
  • more audio commentary
  • summary pages
  • updated videos
  • updated images
We have a range of etutorials to help you to get started with our resources and develop your information skills. You can find more information here.

If you have any ideas for new etutorials that we could develop then let us know.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 28. Develop your Critical Appraisal Skills with CASP

As you are gathering research for your topics you need to consider the quality of that research and how it applies to the question you are trying to find an answer to. Your question may relate to an assignment, dissertation, guidance development or patient care.

To help you to appraise research you can use the CASP website. This is the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme

Here you will find resources to help you to develop your critical appraisal skills.

There is a section which explains the steps you need to go through as you are carrying out your research – Find, Appraise, Act

You will also find a list of Checklists relating to different types of studies such as
  • Randomised Controlled Trials
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Cohort Studies
  • Case-Control Studies
  • Qualitative Studies
  • Economic Evaluations
  • Diagnostic Studies
These give you a number of questions that you need to ask yourself about the articles that you are finding. Determining whether you can identify the answers to these questions will help you to decide whether the research being described is of good quality, reporting valid results and applicable to your research topic.

You will find more help on our Evaluate the Information page as well as more links to critical appraisal resources in our Online Guides section.

Monday, July 08, 2013

RefWorks for Keele Alumni

If you have used RefWorks during your time at Keele University you can retain access as an alumni. You might find this a useful tool to support your professional development during your career in the NHS.

You can get instructions on how to set up an alumni RefWorks account, and transfer your Keele account, from Scott McGowan. Please email him at

Friday, July 05, 2013

Happy Birthday to the NHS - 65 today

Logging on to Wiley eJournals (NHS)

The way to log on to Wiley ejournals has changed for our NHS users.
Remember to start looking for a journal title using the NHS journal list. You will find all our NHS-subscribed journals here, including the holdings we have and any special instructions about the journal.
Screen-shot of the ejournal Anaesthesia presented in the journals list

You can also come across journal articles within Wiley titles by using the HDAS databases search facility. Here the link will take you to the article in question but you may need to log in to Wiley to get to the full-text.
Screen-shot of articles found in the journal Anaesthesia in an HDAS search
To get to the full-text in Wiley:
  • Once you have clicked the link in the NHS interface you will be taken to the Wiley website. If you are not presented with the full-text then:
  • Click the “institution login” link at the top right-hand-side
Screen-shot of the Wiley website; the login link you need is in the top right-hand corner
  • Type in “Health Library for North Staffordshire” in the “institution” box; select the option that matches this text and click “log in”
Screen-shot of the login page
  • You will be dumped on the Wiley home page
Screen-shot of the Wiley home page - our logo indicates that you have logged in
  • You can now either search again for the journal / article you have found OR go back to the link in the NHS interface (journals or HDAS) and click it again. It should realise that you have already logged in and take you to the full-text.

You can find help on using Wiley journals on our website.

If you experience any problems please use our eResources Technical Support form to report any errors or contact the eResources Librarian.

We have expressed our concern to our suppliers about the inconvenience caused to users in trying to access subscribed information. We hope that they will be able to rectify these issues.

We have the following journal titles available via Wiley for NHS users:
  • Anaesthesia
  • British Journal Of Haematology
  • Cancer
  • Cancer Cytopathology
  • Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology
  • Diabetic Medicine
  • International Journal Of Clinical Practice
  • International Journal Of Clinical Practice Supplement
  • Journal Of Child Psychology And Psychiatry
  • Journal Of Family Therapy
  • Journal Of Internal Medicine
  • Laryngoscope
  • Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
  • Pediatric Pulmonology

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Renewal Login Screen Updated

Campus library have updated the login page that you use to login to your library account to renew your books.
Screen-shot of Updated Login Page
Keele University staff and students should use the boxes on the left and should enter their computer username and password.
Our NHS users should use the boxes on the right and should still use their name and library card number.
If anyone experiences any problems please let Campus library or the Health Library know.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

New Books for June 2013

You can browse all the latest titles added to the catalogue in the past month. Here is a selection of new titles.

Titles include:
New eBooks:
Don’t forget that we have also had a range of new and updated online Oxford Handbooks this month. You can find out more here.

Check the catalogue for the full collection.
Like our Facebook page for the latest info about our popular titles.

50 Resources for Healthcare: 27. Looking for articles on Nursing Issues? Try Cinahl

The Cinahl database is the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature. It holds the bibliographic records of thousands of journals giving you access to many full-text articles and specialises in nursing and allied health related topics.

You can search across the database to find information about the topics you are researching.There are lots of features to help you to focus your search, including:
  • Subject headings
  • Patient focus limits like patient age or gender
  • Date limit feature to limit to the date range that you need
  • Publication type selection – for example so that you can concentrate on reviews, controlled trials or case reports and so on
  • Search history to allow you to view your previous searches
  • Search combinations to combine your searches using AND or OR to increase the focus of your search or expand your search to include more elements
You can find all the bibliographic information about the articles retrieved such as author, journal title, year of publication, volume and issue number, where relevant, and page number. This information helps you to locate the full-text and will be needed for your references.

Keele students can access the database via Ebsco whereas our NHS users can search the database via the HDAS interface. You will need either your Keele computer username / password or your NHS Athens username / password.

You can find more help using the Cinahl database via our Databases online guides section  and we also have a Using Cinahl etutorial to help you get started, which includes video demonstrations.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Clinical Effectiveness Bulletin no. 77 June 2013

Click here to access the bulletin

This bulletin is produced by the North Staffordshire NHS Outreach Library and Information Service for Primary Care Trusts in North Staffordshire.

It aims to draw attention to some of the key documents and reviews on clinical effectiveness that have been published in the previous month. Sources covered include NHS Evidence, Department of Health, Cochrane Library and King's Fund.