Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wifi now available at the Health Library

Keele university wifi is now available to at the Health Library.

This is delivered in association with UHNS IT. Due to security restrictions imposed by the UHNS IT department you will not be able to automatically pick up the network. You need to manually set up a hidden wireless network.

Please contact the CEC IT department for more help. The team is based in room SF03 on the second floor of the Clinical Education Centre.
You can contact Dan Bednarski on 01782 679547 or email him: Or Neil Herbert on 01782 679548 or email him:

There will be a drop-in session Friday 27th Sept in the Health Library Silent Study room, 12-2pm for anyone who needs any help.

All students will have been sent further details via email – please check your university email for more information.

NHS Users can use the Keele wifi network within the Keele buildings at the UHNS. You will need to sign for a temporary Keele network login and then set up the connection as above.

NHS users wishing to use the UHNS network wifi should contact the UHNS IT department.

For information about helpful mobile-friendly resources please see our Mobile webpage or check out our Essentials leaflet. You can also check out our poster display and electronic noticeboard for links to apps and mobile-friendly resources.

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