Wednesday, September 11, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 37. NHS Local

NHS Local has an absolute plethora of information services to help the general public, patients and healthcare staff.

Helping the General Public:
There is a section to help us all to try and be healthier by tackling public health concerns such as alcohol, eating well, exercise, sexual health and smoking a well as helping pregnant women with advice about maternity services.

Supporting Patients:
Patients can use this website to find particular local services and compare them as well as provide feedback of their own experiences.
There is a Find service which allows patients to find local services and support groups in their area.
Patients can also get help in managing their condition with advice and tools.

NHS Staff Development
The website also includes a link to the NHS Local Learning website.
Here NHS staff can find a number of learning tools and support to help them to develop their skills, including elearning courses, for example
  • Every Contact Counts
  • Flying Start England
  • Pressure Ulcer Path
  • Spotting the Sick Child
The Best Practice section gives you examples of a number of services, including innovative solutions.

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