Thursday, March 08, 2012

World Glaucoma Week 2012 - Related Health Library Resources

11- 17 March 2012

An international event aimed at raising awareness of glaucoma and its effects. This year, centring on the theme, "Don’t Let Glaucoma Darken Your Life" the week of events looks at not only the development of screening and prevention activities, but also such topics as the psychological anguish a patient may face and the importance of an early diagnosis.

As usual here at the Health Library we have numerous resources related to the subject. In the lists below you’ll find information on our most popular items, materials recently added to our collection and available periodicals. To locate these items simply follow the link or ask at the counter.

M O S T   P O P U L A R

                - Atlas of glaucoma / edited by Neil T. Choplin and Diane C. Lundy 
                - Textbook of glaucoma / by M. Bruce Shields     

                - Glaucoma / edited by Roger Alan Hitchings      

N E W   T O   S T O C K

     - Shields textbook of glaucoma / R. Rand Allingham, 2011

       ocular hypertension. Clinical guideline 85 / National Institute for Health
       and Clinical Excellence, 2009

R E L A T E D    P E R I O D I C A L S

    -  Archives of ophthalmology, Chicago: American Medical Association.
(2009 onwards available as a Keele and NHS online journal only)
    -  British journal of ophthalmology, London: BMJ Publishing. 
(2009 onwards available as a NHS online journal only)
Online journals can be accessed from:

C U R R E N T    A W A R E N E S S
Ophthalmology current awareness webpage, giving access to news feeds:

For more information go to

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