Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

23rd February - 1st March 2015

Eating disorders can be characterised by an abnormal and unhealthy attitude towards food which can cause an individual to change their eating habits and behaviour.  An individual with an eating disorder may focus unduly on their weight or body shape which can then lead them towards making food choices that can be damaging to their health.  There are several types of eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa which manifest themselves in different ways.  The causes are often put down to social pressure to fit a certain stereotypical body image.  However, the reality is that the underlying causes can be far more complex. 
B-eat (Beat eating disorders), is an organisation that aims to try and change the way eating disorders are viewed and improve the services provided to those suffering from an eating disorder.  Between February 23rd and March 1st 2015 B-eat are leading a whole week of events in order to raise awareness and help achieve their goals.
For more information about eating disorders and Eating disorders awareness week please see the B-eat website:
For anyone interested in learning more about eating disorders and their management, the Health Library offers numerous resources related to the subject. In the lists below you’ll find various books that are available in our collection and a number of periodicals. To locate these items simply go to our online catalogue or ask at the counter.
- Therapy for eating disorders: theory, research & practice / by Sara Gilbert, 2014, 3rd edition, Sage
- Eating disorders in childhood and adolescence / edited by Bryan Lask and Rachel Bryant-Waugh, 2013, 4th edition, Routledge
- Eating disorders / by Hans Steiner, Martine F. Flament, 2012, Health Press
- The International Journal of Eating Disorders, Hoboken: John Wiley [Available as a Keele ejournal 1981 onwards, and as a NHS ejournal 1993 onwards – 12 months ago]
- European Eating Disorders Review, Pekin: International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals  [Available as a Keele ejournal 1993 onwards]
- Eating Disorders, Abingdon: Routledger [Available as a Keele ejournal 1998 onwards, and as a NHS ejournal 2006 onwards – 18 months ago]
- Nutrition and Dietetics, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell [Available as a Keele ejournal 2002 onwards, and as a NHS ejournal 2002 onwards – 12 months ago]
Access more journals via our Journals webpage:

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