Friday, February 13, 2015

App of the Month – Dynamed: NEW APP

Ebsco have released a new App for Dynamed:
  • Easier to install
  • No serial number required
From Ebsco:
Features that meet clinician’s needs:
  • Free App (with UHNM subscription)
  • Access content offline
  • Bookmark Favorites
  • Email topics
  • Write and save notes about particular topics
Dynamed is available to our UHNM users via their NHS Athens username.

Easy download instructions:

1. Download the free DynaMed App from the iTunes Store or Google Play.
2. Log in to DynaMed (see our Healthcare Resources page).
3. Click on the DynaMed mobile access link from DynaMed and enter your email address. The link will be located at the top toolbar.  An authentication key will be emailed to you.

Select "Mobile" from the top menu bar and insert your email address

4. Open the DynaMed email from your device.
5. Within 48 hours, tap on the link in the email to authenticate the app.
Note: after 48 hours, users will need to request a new authentication key.
6. Your device is ready to go!

Watch the video for a demonstration.

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