Monday, February 03, 2014

National Libraries Day

It’s National Libraries Day on Saturday 8th February. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating libraries. During this week we are going to give you lots of opportunities to learn more about your Health Library. #NLD14 #justforfun

Health Library MOT
Why not start by checking your Health Library knowledge by taking a library MOT?

Ask a Question
Have you got a burning question but are too afraid to ask? Post it on our display board. Take a speech bubble, write your question, pin it to the board, we’ll post the answer later.

Literature Search Q&A
We’ll be running drop-in literature search sessions through-out the week. Check in the library for times and location. Our librarian team will be waiting to help.

Photo Teaser
We’ll be running a teaser photo competition during the week. See if you can guess where in the library this is:

It’s just for fun.

Check in the library or via our Twitter feed for more activities.

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