Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NHS Athens Changes and Errors

Athens / Eduserv / NICE have updated the NHS Athens self-registration form and the Athens administration interface that we use to manage your accounts. This has resulted in a few changes that may affect you.
  1. Web address changes – some of the URLS that you may have used previously may no longer be available. If you have bookmarked these you will need to change them. We are trying to keep all URLS on our Athens page up-to-date. If any resource URLS change we will maintain them on our Healthcare Resources page. Please check there if you are having any problems.
  2. Self-registration and re-registration – if you are registering for a new Athens username then you will notice that the form has changed substantially. Detailed instructions are included on the form. Validation of your email address has been enhanced and you need to search for your NHS organisation. If the data you have entered for these 2 items do not match then you will be warned although you can continue with the form.
  3. New account status - ineligible. If you have failed the above validation but have still been able to create an account then the account will be set to a new status of ineligible. This means that you will have a username / password but when you try to use it you will be prevented from accessing resources. You need to contact your Athens administrator and demonstrate your eligibility.
  4. Guides and etutorials – we will update these as soon as the system is stable enough and we are confident of the expected pathways.
  5. There have been a few teething problems over the past week as the new systems are bedded in. We expect there to be short periods of down-time while bug-fixes are carried out. Please report any problems that you may be experiencing to the eresources librarian, so that we can get in touch with Athens / Eduserv / NICE to correct the problem.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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