Wednesday, August 07, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 32. Pubmed

Pubmed is a freely available, online, searchable, bibliographic database, which includes data from Medline. You can use it to complement and supplement your literature searching.

You use the main text box to enter your simple free-text search terms or the more sophisticated advanced search options to combine searches and apply limits.

The results list will often include links to freely available article pdfs, though you will need to check on our journal lists for access to most journal titles.

The search results list can be filtered, emailed or exported.

If you sign-up and create a free login you can also save your searches and set up alerts.

Pubmed also has a citation matcher which is really useful when you are trying to track-down a reference where you have only part of the details.

There are a range of tutorials to help you to get to grips with Pubmed.

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