Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More books for sale

We have added more books to the sales trolley; including the following:
  • ABC of major trauma. Driscoll, P. (3rd ed.) BMJ:2000
  • An introduction to orthodontics. Mitchell, L. (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press:2007
  • Beginning reflective practice. Jasper, M. Nelson Thornes:2003
  • Clinical epidemiology: the essentials. Fletcher, R. (4th ed.) Lippincott:2005
  • How to do a research project. Robson, C. Blackwell:2007
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression. Segal, Z. Guilford:2002
  • Oxford handbook of psychiatry. Semple, D. (2nd ed.). Oxford University Press:2009
  • Principles of human physiology. Stanfield, C. (4th ed.) Pearson:2011
  • Psychiatry (Oxford core texts). Gelder, M. (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press:2005
  • Reflective practice in nursing. Bulman, C. (4th ed.) Blackwell:2008

Browse the sales trolleys for a bargain. First come, first served. You can pay at the counter with cash, debit / visa card or your Keele card.

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