Wednesday, January 02, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 1. Get the latest health library news

Over the next year I’m going to tell you about different resources that are available to help you to find health-related information to support your studies and work. I’m aiming for 1 item per week so we should be done just before Christmas. If I miss a week do let me know.

So the first resource is the Health Library blog – you’re reading it now.

We use the blog to tell you all about the latest news at the library. Here you can find out about any changes to our facilities and services such as changes to opening times, printing procedures, expected maintenance and so on. We also let you know about any new resources that we purchase, such as books, journals and databases, and promote our current resources.

There are lots of extra features on the blog.
You can:

  • View our latest tweets on Twitter – news from health organisations that we monitor as well as our own news
  • Browse through the latest news headlines we have collected
  • Check out any new videos we’ve added to YouTube
  • Get started with our etutorials

If you really like a news item you can also share it with your friends, fellow students and work colleagues by using the Share option to share via a range of social networks, such as Facebook.

Why not subscribe to the blog so that you get any news directly to your email inbox. Or if you “Like” our Facebook page you will see the news appear in your Facebook feed. Don’t forget that you can share news popping up in your Facebook feed.

You can also add a comment to any blog entry. Use this if you want to ask a question or let me know what you think about the resources I’m writing about. Click the link that says “post a comment” – it might say “no comments” if you are the first. Why not leave me a comment now?

I’ll add all the resources to our delicious set of links.

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