Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Potential disruption to Zetoc Service

Message from NHS Evidence regarding the availability of the Zetoc service:
“We are writing to notify you of a change in circumstances which may affect the provision of the Zetoc service to the NHS with effect from the 15th of November. Zetoc is a JISC-funded service and as such has to be compliant with JISC terms and conditions. MIMAS, the organisation which hosts Zetoc, will launch a new Zetoc platform on the 15th of November which will be configured to facilitate access to Zetoc through the JISC-supported UK Access Management Federation. The Zetoc platform will no longer be configured for use with OpenAthens.
Negotiations have been ongoing for a number of months between NHS Evidence and relevant parties to try to enable continued access to Zetoc through OpenAthens, however the NHS has been informed that they would have to join the UK Access Management Federation to continue to access Zetoc. This is not something that NHS Evidence feel that they are in a position to do on behalf of NHS England, as there are data transfer and governance issues associated with this which present a risk.
Access to Zetoc and Zetoc alerts may therefore be disrupted to NHS users on the 15th November.
Our advice is that, where possible, you warn NHS Zetoc users about the possible or likely disruption in service, and encourage them to save any alerts that they currently have on the Zetoc service.  [NHS Evidence will add a warning message at]
We would be grateful if you could alert if you notice any changes in service. We apologise for the inconvenience and uncertainty, but these have arisen due to unexpected factors, outside of our control.
Meanwhile, NHS Evidence are in discussion with the British Library about future arrangements.”

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