Monday, November 14, 2011

Books for Sale

The for sale book trolley will be refreshed today with more pearls of wisdom at bargain prices.
Below is a selection of some of the discarded texts which have been added to the trolley.
Items are sold on a first come, first served basis. Payment may be by cash or credit/debit card.

ABC of Colerectal Cancer by Kerr, D. et al.
2001, BMJ Books

Breast Cancer (Fast Facts) [2nd Ed.] by Baum, M.
2002, Health Press Limited

The Endocrine System At A Glance (2nd Ed.) by Greenstein, B.
2006, Blackwell Publishing

Legal Aspects of Nursing (5th Ed.) by Dimond, B.
2008, Pearson Education

Oxford Handbook of Urology by Reynard, J. et al.
2006, Oxford University Press

Surgical Exposures in Orthopaedics: The Anatomic Approach (3rd Ed.) by Hoppenfeld, S.
2003, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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