Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New improved BNF and BNFc app launched

Pharmaceutical Press have developed a new and improved app for the BNF (British National Formulary) and BNFc (British National Formulary for Children). It is a single app that allows you to switch between the BNF and BNFc.

Features are listed as:

  • Offline browsing and searching of content of the BNF and BNFC
  • The ability to switch between adult and child content
  • Autocomplete search with navigation panes for treatment summaries, drug monographs and medicinal products
  • Powerful interactions checker
  • Clinical content updated every month
  • Update notifications when a new update is available
  • Optimised for smart phones and tablets

You do not need an NHS Athens username in order to access the new app.

The existing NICE BNF & BNFc app will no longer be updated and is likely to be withdrawn by the end of the year.

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