Thursday, July 06, 2017

Finding eBooks Online

You can access the library’s extensive collection of ebooks online. We include many of our popular titles as ebooks.


  • are accessible 24/7
  • do not need to be requested
  • do not incur fines
  • are a good option if working away from the CEC

Most of our ebooks are accessible via the Library Search catalogue. Here’s how to find an ebook…

Find an ebook on Library Search
Go to Library Search and select the “Search Books and More” tab, enter your search terms and click the search button. Your search results will be presented below the search box. To limit the results to ebooks only, select the filter option “Full Text Online”.

Screen-shot of Library Search results

The results are now limited to ebooks only. To read a book online select the option “View Online”. Note that if we have more than 1 version of a book (ie more than 1 edition) you will need to click the option “View 2 versions” first.

Screen-shot of ebooks on Library Search

Access an ebook on Library Search
Once you have the online options you can select the appropriate link to go to the ebook platform to read the ebook. Note that you will need to log on as either a Keele user or NHS user in order to read the full-text.

Screen-shot of online links to access ebooks on Library Search

More eBooks…

Clinical Key eBooks for UHNM
UHNM staff can access the ebook collection on Clinical Key. Here you will find many popular clinical texts. You can access Clinical Key using your NHS Athens username. Make sure that you activate your account in Clinical Key so that you can download chapters.

EBL eBook for SSoTP
Staff at SSoTP can access the EBL collection provided by the SSSFT Library Service.

More Help using ebooks…

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