Monday, April 06, 2015

NHS HDAS Databases Switch- help using databases

The anticipated switch from Ovid to Proquest for Medline and PsychInfo has now occurred.

Using HDAS to search Medline and PsychInfo will now refer searches via Proquest and includes some limitations. See document “HDAS Database Changes – Fields available” on our Journal Problems & Fixes page.

To avoid these limitations you may wish to prefer to search via the Proquest interface. You can find a direct link to the Proquest database in our section “Direct Database Login”.
You can find help using the Proquest databases here:

You can also access Medline via Ebsco. This may be a more familiar interface for some of you who have used Ebsco databases before. You will also find direct links in our section “Direct Database Login”.
These is help using the Ebsco databases here:

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