Monday, March 03, 2014

Accessing the BNF

Do you need access to the British National Formulary?

There are a number of ways that you can access the BNF and the BNFc (for children).

eBook – available to Keele and our NHS users. Search the catalogue for the title and you will find an entry for the BNF and the BNFc. You will need your Keele or NHS Athens username / password to access the full-text.
Screen-shot of BNF ebook

Medicines Complete – both the BNF and BNFc are ebooks available via the Medicines Complete collection. You can also access a range of other pharmacology-related ebooks from here. Our NHS users will find a link to Medicines Complete on the Healthcare Resources page; Keele users will find a link on the Medical Databases page. You will need your Keele or NHS Athens username / password.
Screen-shot of the BNF on Medicines Complete

NICE BNF & BNFc Apps – NICE have developed apps to allow you to access the BNF and BNFc. This is only available to NHS Athens users. For more information, and links to download the apps, check the NICE apps page.
Screen-shot of the BNF app

All these links are now available on our Healthcare Resources page; page down to the Health Library resources section.

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