Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keele Cards, EMOS Cards, Printing… Changes are coming…

We now have a Keele card cash reloading machine. You can add credit to your Keele card using cash. There is a minimum of 50p. Note that the machine does not give change. The reloader is available in the Photocopier Room. Remember that we also have a reloader that you can use with your credit / debit card.

Keele University will soon be implementing a new printing / photocopying strategy. Keep a look out for more news later.

Because of the new printing / photocopying strategy we will be removing the use of EMOS print / photocopy cards shortly. All Keele users are advised to switch to using their Keele cards. Otherwise please keep an eye on the EMOS credits that you have available and ensure you use up those you have. We have an EMOS machine at the counter if you want to check what credit you have got left. More news will be released about printing changes later.

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