Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DEMENTIA AWARENESS WEEK - Related Health Library Resources

Dementia Awareness Week   2 0 – 2 6   M a y   2 0 1 2

 Dementia’ is a term used to describe a serious loss of global cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person. Symptoms include memory loss, difficulty with communication and reasoning and mood changes.  Dementia is progressive, and the most common manifestations are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Dementia Awareness Week aims to raise awareness and to ‘remember the person’ behind the disease.  
You can find out more about dementia here at the health library. In the lists below you’ll find our most popular items, information on materials recently added to our collection and available periodicals. To locate these items simply go to our online catalogue or ask at the counter.

M o s t  P o p u l a r
- Dementia: challenges and new directions / edited by Susan Hunter

N e w  t o  S t o c k
- Creative approaches in dementia care / edited by Hilary Lee and Trevor Adams, 2011
- Practical management of dementia: a multi-professionalapproach / edited by Stephen Curran and John P. Wattis, 2011

P e r i o d i c a l s
-  Journal of dementiacare/ Hawker Publications (from 1993 to present)
- Dementia/ Sage Publications (2002-2011/ 2011 onwards available via electronic access only)

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