Friday, December 04, 2009

NHS Evidence - Getting involved

Over the coming months NHS Evidence has many projects around different topics and issues for which they need to recruit a variety of people to help test. It is hoped to recruit volunteers from across health and social care e.g. clinicians, nurses, public health professionals, commissioners, librarians, researchers, information specialists, medical students and service managers.

If you would like to volunteer - all please contact them with your name, role, the organisation you work for and a contact email address or telephone number. Initially they will be conducting pieces of research to test the usability of the service, to find out about people’s expectations and experiences of the service, general user feedback and research answering specific questions about the service.

If you have provided your details they may contact you to see if you would like to take part in the research project. Full details of the aims of the research and what you would be doing will be provided so you can choose to opt in or out of that particular project.

To volunteer or find out more information, please contact the research team on:

Katie Adams
Tel: 0161 219 3750

Jackie Kearney
Tel: 0161 219 3790

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