Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Binocular Vision and Strabismus Quarterly

The latest volume of Binocular Vision and Strabismus Quarterly (Volume 24, issue 1) is now available at the Health Library. Please enquire at the Library counter or email for further information.

The latest articles include:

Overaction of the Inferior Oblique Muscle in 4th Nerve Palsy. Correspondence. Kushner BJ, with Mims III JL in Reply. page 16-19.

Reverse Amblyopia with Atropine Treatment. Hainline BC, Sprunger DT, P:lager DA, Neeley DE, Guess MG. page:25-31.

The Effect of Testing Distance on the Bielschowsky Head Tilt Test. Hunn RL, Firth AY. page 33-38.

Cycloplegic Refractions as a Function of Age in Children with Infantile Esotropia. Khan AO.

This title emailed to the library in PDF format by the publisher, so is inaccessible directly from the website and is no longer available in print format.

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