Friday, August 01, 2008

Final farewell to Dialog

The 1st August is the last day for literature searching with Dialog Datastar.

The new service Search 2.0, which replaces it, is now standalone. Yesterday it received a couple of new improvements to make it comparible with the previous system.

This includes de-duplication of results, which can now be run as a final step across all the databases you have searched. Unfortunately you will need below 500 results for this to work.

A clipboard function has now been installed so help you save your favourite articles from different searches in the one area.

The library runs a series of time-tabled training sessions, or update sessions can be arranged for individuals or groups in the library or workplace. Please check our training pages for further information.

This is still a new dynamic interface, please contact Susan Smith (E-Resource Librarian) by emailing, if you wish to report any problems, or if you have any queries or suggestions for improvement that can be put forward to the development team.

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