Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NHS Athens for Students

The students based here at the Health Library can apply for an NHS trust-based Athens username. This is to support you when you are on placement – you will be able to access the same online resources as your NHS colleagues. These will often be different to the Keele resources that you access.

To apply for a trust-based NHS Athens accounts you need to complete the online form.
  • Make sure you use your Keele-based email address so that we can verify you quickly.
  • Select the NHS organisation where you will be on placement.
  • Please provide as much relevant information so that you can be identified and your application verified quickly.
  • Once you have submitted the form you will be sent an email from Athens / Eduserv. You need to action the instructions it contains to complete the registration. You will then have your username and password.
  • Your account will be active once the Athens administrator has verified it.

 You can find out more information about NHS Athens via our Athens web page.

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