Wednesday, June 12, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 24. Do you need Healthcare Statistics?

There are a number of different sources you can use to gather statistics about healthcare issues and populations.

Office for National Statistics
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) collate and publish statistics on a wide range of issues that affect the UK population. They have a section for Health and Social Care 

Here you can find datasets and published reports on:
  •     Access and Waiting Times
  •     Health Care Patients
  •     Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
  •     Health Care Personnel, Finance and Performance
  •     Mental Health Services
  •     Maternity and Pregnancy Services
  •     General Practice Services
  •     Dentistry and Eye Care Services
  •     Pharmacy Services
  •     Lifestyles and Behaviours
  •     Conditions and Diseases
  •     Health and Safety
  •     Causes of Death
  •     Disability and Self-Reported Health
  •     Health Inequalities
You can view everything for Health and Social Care here

Public Health Observatories
Again there are a wide range of reports and datasets covering a number of issues and conditions.
You can also find Health Profiles for specific areas of the country:
Other areas in Staffordshire 

Many of the tools available here include interactive elements where you can select the geographical areas and health indicators that you want to investigate.

NHS Information Centre
You can search their catalogue of publications and datasets or browse through the topics that they have listed including:
  •     Data quality
  •     Hospital care
  •     Illnesses and conditions
  •     Mental health
  •     Patient experience
  •     Prescribing
  •     Primary care services
  •     Public health
  •     Social care
  •     Workforce

You can find more sources for healthcare statistics on our Statistics subject links page

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