Wednesday, May 29, 2013

50 Resources for Healthcare: 22. Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

Are you looking for systematic Reviews, technology assessments or economic evaluations?
You can use the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination to search across a number of different databases:
  • DARE – Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects – for reviews of healthcare interventions and implementations.
  • NHS EED – NHS Economic Evaluation Database – for studies relating to economic evaluation of interventions.
  • HTA – Health Technology Assessments – for information relating to health technology.
You can run a quick search from the home page using simple keywords or click the Search menu option for more advanced search options such as combining search terms, using a thesaurus and limiting your search.

The CRD record will often include:
  • CRD summary
  • Authors’ objectives and conclusions
  • Search strategy
  • Assessment of how the study was carried out
  • Review Results
  • Potential Implications
  • Link to the original article
You may not get access to the full-text of all articles. You will need to check the reference and see whether we have the journal title on our journal lists.

This is a useful resource to help you to find good quality information. The CRD reviews help you to understand the important elements to look for when selecting your own information sources.

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