Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New catalogue features

The library catalogue has had another series of improvement added. Now if the book isn't available, you can hit the show similar items buttons for further suggestions. Click on the picture of the book to view the table of contents or read reviews of the book.

Whne you click on a book title, to view it's availability, check at the bottom of the page for a selected list of similar titles (click here to view example record) or if the item is available in a different format e.g. newer edition or as a CD ROM.

Other new features include the tag cloud. This is a new way of searching the catalogue. Tags are keywords which anyone can add, as opposed to subject terms which operate on a very strict controlled thesaurus for choosing terms. Unfortunately the ability of users to add their own tags has not yet been added.

In a tag cloud the most popular keywords are displayed in a bolder, larger font style e.g. medicine is more popular than medical as a term.

Clicking on the term will take you through to Library Thing tool. This then lists all the book’s tags and books that have been associated with the similar tags.

Click a word in the tag cloud to filter your search and narrow your results.

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