Monday, September 07, 2009

Annual evidence update for hepatitis B and C

The 2009 AEU on hepatitis B and C is now available in the NHS Evidence - gastroenterology and liver diseases specialist collection.

NHS Evidence Annual Evidence Updates (AEUs) attempt to draw together
recently published, high quality evidence - focusing particularly on
systematic reviews and published guidelines - which it is hoped will
inform and enhance the decision making and planning of clinicians,
commissioners and others involved in the process of health care.

For this Hepatitis B and C AEU updating last year's work, a detailed
literature search from 2008-2009 identified 408 potential pieces of
evidence (see methods for retrieving and evaluating the evidence for
more information). Following a process of filtering and peer review
(with thanks to the reviewers listed below) 46 of these form the basis
of this AEU.

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