Monday, April 21, 2008

Dialog datastar

From the end of May 2008 Dialog Datastar will no longer be the NHS access point to the health care databases. Dialog has prematurely removed the links to all full text articles from their database. The problem has been reported.

This does not mean that the full text is not accessible!

Please check library holdings through My Journals ( for all current print and electronic access.

Alternatively, from April 1st 2008 the new Search 2.0 interface was launched by the National Library for Health (

The new interface is designed to be more intuitive to use, maintain a stable familiar interface for accessing all NHS purchased bibliographic databases and be responsive to the needs of the NHS. Currently the database is still in the test phase, with several updates planned for the near future. Although still under review, full text links and documents can be accessed using this interface.

Please contact Susan Smith ( with any problems or queries regarding Search 2.0. Full training on the new database will be launched May 2008, further details are available on the Health Library website.

The databases are now accessible to all university students studying Medicine or Nursing. Please contact the Health Library for further details.

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