Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Changes to NHS e-journals

The purchase model for the NHS national core content journals will be changing from the first of April. Previously most journals have been provided via Proquest. After extensive consultation it has been decided to purchase a smaller quantity of higher quality journals. This will provide users with greater access to more up to date material.

The first change was the introduction of JAMA and the associated Archives collection published by the American Medical Association. From April we will be obtaining online access to the British Medical Journal and many other titles available via Full Text CINAHL (including the New England Journal of Medicine).

The April launch of the new package has meant that there may be a brief lapse in electronic access to the journals. New content will be listed nationally through My Journals resource (requires NHS Athens login). For further information, please contact Susan Smith (01782) 556581 or email s.w.smith@lib.keele.ac.uk.

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