Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Books for Sale

We have added more books to the sales trolley; including:
  • Cardiac arrhythmias. Bennett, D. (6th ed). Arnold:2002
  • Conducting research literature reviews. Fink, A. (2nd ed). Sage:2005
  • Doctors guide to critical appraisal. Gosall, N. (2nd ed). PasTest:2009
  • Essential neonatal medicine. Levene, M. (4th ed). Blackwell:2008
  • Gerontological nursing. Eliopoulos, C. (7th ed). Lippincott:2010
  • Nursing law and ethics. Tingle, J. (3rd ed). Blackwell:2007
  • Oxford handbook of clinical specialties. Collier, J. (8th ed). Oxford University Press:2009
  • Students guide to exam success. Tracy, E. Open University Press:2002
  • Surface anatomy. Lumley, J. (3rd ed). Churchill Livingstone:2002
  • Textbook of orthopaedics, trauma & rheumatology. Luqmani, R. Elsevier:2008
Browse the sales trolley for a bargain. You can pay at the counter with cash, debit / visa card or your Keele card.

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