Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Sale

The for sale book trolley has been refreshed with texts at bargain prices.
Below is a selection of some of the discarded texts which have been added to the trolley.
Items are sold on a first come, first served basis. Payment may be by cash or credit/debit card.
Walsh, Denis: Evidence-based Care for Normal Labour and Birth: A guide for midwives
2007, Routledge

Tardiff, Kenneth: Concise Guide to Assessment and Management of Violent Patients (2nd Ed.)
1996, American Psychiatric Press, Inc.

Blumenfield, Michael: Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
2003, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

McGovern, Margaret: Altschul’s Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (7th Ed.)
1994, Bailliere Tindall

Littlewood, Roland: Aliens and Alienists: Ethnic Minorites and Psychiatry (3rd Ed.)
1997, Routledge

Gillam, Tony: Reflections on Community Psychiatric Nursing
2002, Routledge

Fuller, Geraint: Neurology: An Illustrated Colour Text (2nd Ed.)
2006, Elsevier/Churchill Livingstone

Valman, Bernard: ABC of One To Seven (4th Ed.)
2000, BMJ Books

Singer, Mervyn: ABC of Intensive Care
1999, BMJ Books

Burnard, Philip: Learning Human Skills (2nd Ed.)
1990, Butterworth Heinemann

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