Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Problems with NHS Databases

Edit: These problems have now been resolved and there should be full access to Medline.

A number of problems have been reported this morning in relation to the NHS Search 2.0 databases. The following issues have been reported to NHS Evidence and are under investigation:

*No access to Medline
*Embase slow to display results or timing out
*Problems re-running a search on a different database
*De-duplication not returning appropriate results

If you encounter any problems, please take a screen shot (press Prt Scrn button and paste into a word document) and email to s.w.smith@lib.keele.ac.uk (tel: 01782 556581). It is useful to know if you are at work or home, what database you were in when the error occurred and what were the preceeding search steps.

If the problem persist the alternate solutions are

*Request a literature search from the library.
*Use the Library IT Suite to search the Ebsco Databases (available through Keele walk-in access)
*Use PubMed search (the link on the Health Library website, will alert you to what NHS titles are avialable from the Health Library)

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