Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New England Journal of Medicine

From June 26th 2008 there will be no electronic access to the New England Journal of Medicine via the library login.

The online access was originally created in the days of the old Medical Institute. The login distributed at the time was the administration login. This is now in breech of the modern NEJM electronic licence. Continuing use of the login may result in loss in provision of both print and electronic format by the publishers.

The library does not have the necessary funds to provide the site licence required to maintain electronic access and no alternate access is available via either national NHS purchases or Keele subscription.

The print copy will remain available at the library for viewing. NHS staff with departmental accounts may request a print copy of the article be posted internally to the department (this is charged as an interlibrary request at £1 per article). Unfortunately as an American journal, our current copyright licence does not permit articles to be scanned and emailed.

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fleslie said...

This is a real concern. NEJM is one of the two key journals that physicians need to keep up dated and where the key developments are published!
It is vital that we have access for our CME and many of us struggle to get down to the library.
We have also been using it as a web based resource for the Keele med students as it has excellent review articles on key topics.
This is not a journal that we can afford not to have access to.