Monday, September 25, 2006

New NHS Lead Librarian and Acting Library Manager

Following Irene's retirement, the Health Library now has a new NHS Lead Librarian. Daryl Bate has been Project Officer on an NHS library project called SASHA ( for the last two years and prior to that has worked as manager for the Health Management Library at Stafford and has had years of experience working in library services for the NHS and higher education institutions. Daryl can be contacted on the same extension as Irene (556721) or via e-mail:

Julie Beard will be leaving soon to go on maternity leave. She will be off from 2nd October 2006 until November 2007. During this time Alison Thornley will be Acting Library Manager. Alison should need no introduction here as she has been with the Health Library from the day we opened. Alison can be contacted on the usual library numbers or via e-mail:

Good luck then, to Irene on her retirement, to Julie on being about to become a mum and to Daryl and Alison with their new roles.

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