Thursday, December 05, 2019

National Grief Awareness Week 2nd – 8th December 2019

Most people experience grief when they lose something or someone important to them.
Therefore, National Grief Awareness Week is used as a tool for raising awareness of all aspects of grief and loss on a national scale. Campaigns such as this have been created in the hope of offering access to a choice of tailored bereavement support to all those grieving in the UK and to those working with the bereaved; as well as to ensure immediate access to support for all types of bereavement in local communities across the country.
For more information surrounding grief, please visit The Good Grief Trust and NHS Choices websites:
For anyone studying the importance of improving both the awareness and knowledge of and supporting those who are suffering from the effects of grief or bereavement loss, the Health Libraries both at the Royal Stoke and County Hospitals offer numerous resources related to the subject. In the lists below you’ll find a variety of items as well as information on materials recently added to our collection and available periodicals. To locate these items, simply go to our online catalogue or ask at the counter.

  • Loss, grief & care / Binghamton, N.Y. : Haworth Press. [Available as a Keele e-journal 1998 – 2001].
  • Journal of social work in end-of-life & palliative care / Binghamton, NY : Haworth Press. [Available as a Keele e-journal 2005 onwards].
  • Journal of Loss and Trauma (Formerly: Journal of Personal and Interpersonal Loss) / Philadelphia, PA : Taylor and Francis. . [Available as a Keele e-journal 2001 onwards, and as a NHS e-journal 2001 onwards with 6 month embargo].
  • Bereavement Care / Richmond: Cruse bereavement care. [Available in print 1996 - 2010, as a Keele e-journal 1997 onwards, and as a NHS e-journal 1996 - 2010].
  • Palliative and Supportive Care / Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. [Available as a Keele e-journal 2003 onwards, and as a NHS e-journal 2003 onwards with 1 year embargo].
  • BMC Palliative Care / London: BioMed Central. [Open access journal, available via Keele & NHS e-journals 2003 onwards].

Access more journals via our Journals webpage:
  • Breen, Lauren J ; Karangoda, Michelle D et al, “Differences in meanings made according to prolonged grief symptomatology”, Death Studies, 2018, Vol.42(2), pp.69-78. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals].
  • HassonOhayon, Ilanit ; Peri et al, “The Mediating Role of Integration of Loss in the Relationship Between Dissociation and Prolonged Grief Disorder”, Journal of Clinical Psychology, 2017, Vol.73(12), pp.1717-1728. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals].
  • Maciejewski, Paul K ; Prigerson, Holly G, “Prolonged, but not complicated, grief is a mental disorder”, The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science, 2017, Vol.211(4), pp.189-191. [Available in print and via Keele & NHS ejournals].
  • Boelen, Paul A ; Spuij, Mariken ; Reijntjes, Albert H.A, “Prolonged grief and posttraumatic stress in bereaved children: A latent class analysis”, Psychiatry Research, 2017, Vol.258, pp.518-524. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals].
  • Hutti, Marianne H ; Myers, John ; Hall, Lynne A ; Polivka et al, “Predicting grief intensity after recent perinatal loss”, Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 2017, Vol.101, pp.128-134. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals].
  • Wilson, Donna M. ; Dhanji, Nurin; Playfair, Robyn et al, “A scoping review of bereavement service outcomes”, Palliative Support Care, 2017, Vol.15(2), pp.242-259. [Available via Keele & NHS ejournals].
  • Aoun, Samar M.; Breen, Lauren J.; Howting, Denise A. et al, “Who Needs Bereavement Support? A Population Based Survey of Bereavement Risk and Support Need”, PLOS One, 26 March 2015.  [Open access, accessible via Keele & NHS ejournals].


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